Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Shoot Outfit Ideas

I had NO clue what to wear to our engagement shoot on Sunday so did a little blog perusing last week to find JUST the perfect outfit to wear for our shoot
Most blogs suggested dark sold colours, and to avoid busy patterns... but if you open my closet, all you will see are stripes, floral, checks and more
So... this meant it was time to pop into Anthro and do a little shoppy-shop

I searched high and low at Anthro, Nordies, The Crew, Kate and Macy's for a solid sheath, shift or tunic dress in a fun colour but came up empty handed
Patterns are just plain in, why fight it?
I do see where they suggest wearing solids, patterns deter from the face, which should be your main focal point
In my case, I hope the stripes helped a sister out... recent stress has not been kind to my face
Side note: had an incredible facial today at Supple in Berkeley, I'm in-love!

I'm all over the place on this post, sorry working on 4 hours of sleep and bleach fumes from yesterday...
New roomie in the cottage, aka my best friend ACM - hooray!

Anyway, back to engagement outfits!...

If you're not trying to avoid pictures of your face, I mean come on, who is really, then here is a lovely dress to consider:

Came up with this steal on sale - $70

How adorable are these?
On sale at Nordstrom too...
Work the wedges, the elongate the leg, trust me

However, our photographers begged to differ on the patterns, they were all over this choice I arrived in, remember from my bachelorette?
Repeat, I know,  but why not work what works, right?

For our "casual" shots, I wore my new James Jeans and an orangey-coral gingham shirt I'm in love with paired with my navy and white Bonanno's - you just can't go wrong
BRS wore his new Naem Brad jeans and a cheerful yellow shirt, it was like Easter all over again

Bonnano's are on sale!

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