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A Week in Pinterest Meals: Tuesday + Life!

Hello There!

Tomorrow I have a little fun wedding post from our big day that I am SO excited to share but for today, I have a photo heavy post and there is another day in Pinterest meals!
One would think I may gain a few extra lbs from this, but not when Pinterest is filled with yummy healthy bites

The last couple days I've had some major blues
I am thinking they are some honeymoon blues that finally showed up or maybe a few factors:

1. My best *friend/cousin/sister, Kendra left from being here for two whole weeks
Her and her son drove with her parents and brother and his girlfriend from Bentonville on the 29th of June, plus she was here for ten days for our wedding
We spent a lot of quality time together, basically catch up time in person rather than on Facetime or on our daily phone sesh
Having her in-person is the best feeling ever, even if we are at Trader Joe's stocking up on dark chocolate covered berries for her
*Sidenote: do you find yourself having to give a "low-down" of who someone is in relation to you when you start a story about them? Clearly I do! 

I miss you, Kendra!

Kendra and I by the bird sanctuary after sushi dins

2. We had the most incredible and relaxing honeymoon EVER and I have had a lot of family manners to attend to moments after stepping off the plane
-One of them being my handsome nephew's high school graduation
-Two being my cousin Michelle's high school graduation as well
-Three being my Mother's 65th birthday
-Four being our best friends little one's 2nd Birthday Party
-Five, playing tourist and taking my cousins senior portraits in SF

Last evening overlooking the Bali Hai in Princeville, Kauai on our honeymoon

Congratulations, Zachary!
Zach and I at the lonnnnng ceremony

Congratulations, Michelle!
The beautiful graduate!

Happy 65th Birthday, Mom!
Me, Mom, Dad, and my sister Melissa

Happy Birthday, Sweet Man!
The birthday boy himself!

The two proud parents made it another two years, congrats you two... plus baby #2 is on his merry way!

Tourist and Senior Portraits - Class of 2013
My sweet and handsome cousin on "our" pier!
My has he grown so fast!

Handsome cousin at Stow Lake

Beautiful Golden Gate Bridge

3. The Fourth of July!
This is one of my favorite holidays of all time
We watch Alameda's Annual Fourth of July Parade outside of BRS' parents home
I swear the 4th of July just flew by this year... I am so bummed it's over already!
Brad and I on the Fourth

Great friends and three sweet (but nutso) pups at a BBQ at our house after the parade

CJN and SAF with Elenor or "Ellie" to her closest friends, watching the parade

4. Finally, I miss my handsome husband!
BRS was off work for almost a month for our wedding and honeymoon
We got into a nice routine that I just loved and miss
With his schedule, he works four days on and four days off, but he works midnight's - this means I see him for 15 minutes a day on those days
With family manners to attend to, his icky schedule plus court, we're lucky to get a good hour together on those days off
This guy makes me laugh and loves me to pieces, I love my sweet pea

I am so fortunate to have all these wonderful friends and family around me, I guess I am just trying to get used to my daily routine again
Not that that routine is at all lack luster, it's just always nice having something big and fun to look forward to
BRS mentioned a team trip to Las Vegas last night, and I reminded him that we've never been before so we are planning one for us the end of this summer (huge brat, I admit it!)
Also, the plans are now in the works for us to visit Kendra and family come this late Summer or early Fall
I am DYING to show BRS Bentonville, for him to meet their friends, and soak in a little Southern Hospitality!
I am sure a few more long walks with the pea pups, starting back up running, and good ole married life will help with my moody blues... but until then, cooking perhaps?

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!

Bon Appetit! 
But most of all... stay healthy!

A Week In Pinterst Meals Continued:

Breakfast: Skinny Green Smoothie
I decided to give this green smoothie a try this and it was just, eh
I usually have a version of this on any given morning, but with fresh ground flax seed added
My newest obsession is adding peanut butter, will share that soon - delish!
I would recommend adding a teaspoon of raw agave nectar, another overripe banana, or maybe use sweetened coconut milk
I used plain unsweetened coconut milk from T.J.'s and it was a bit blase
Skinny green smoothie - HERE

My result just to gross you out:

Lunch: Salmon Salad Sandwich
(Found by typing in: "Protein Sandwich")
This was delish!
Add some dill to add extra flavor (hey, it's calorie and fat free, yay!:)
Salmon Salad Sandwich - HERE

Dinner: Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos
Ummm... HEAVEN!
I freaking love cilantro, and this was a fun way to get use out of my food processor we just got
I make "tacos" at least once a week, but with out the tortilla - don't ask, it works!
I guess Chipotle would call it a 'Buritto bowl', I call it 'Tori's Mexican Night'
Since my Dad had his stroke, we've been cooking with very little to zero salt
Lime is a FABULOUS way to season things with out salt... give it a go, you'd be amazed!
Never too early to start heart health!

Check out What's Cooking Chicago's blog for more fun recipe ideas, I love this!
Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos - HERE

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