Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Five: Reds

I am just loving red right now, maybe it's the season?
Normally you wouldn't catch me in anything red really... but after I found this adorable red sweater dress at H&M last week, I have been dying to drizzle my wardrobe in some scarlet
I'll post pics of my new dress next week, I'm wearing it to our Christmas party this Saturday, stay tuned...

There are so many luscious red treats out there right now, and in all price ranges
I am loving this simple red dress from H&M below, it's only $14.95 - I think it would be just perfect paired with black leggings, flats and layered with a scarf for a comfortable day out
When I think of red nail polish, Chanel instantly comes to my mind
I bought my first red nail polish back in college by Chanel and just wish I could find that same shade again, it was like a deep blood red and looked so cute on short sporty nails
Nothing says a warm and welcome Christmas like red poinsettias on the front porch
I cannot remember a year my Mother didn't have at least four on our porch, they are so beautiful and full
Everyone loves a good pair of  Hunter's, in this case, how fun would a bright red pair be? 
Mine are forest green, I'm sort of wishing I had gotten red now!
I mean too much red can be seen as over-doing it, but honestly I can't tell you enough how great red really looks on people
Can't wait to show you my new red dress find, I am loving it!
Until then!

Happy Weekend!

Friday Five: Reds

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  1. Red boots? Cute! I must admit that I'm getting sucked into that New York state of mind.... black everything. Or grey if you really want to be different.