Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Monogrammed Gift Ideas

As I'm sure you all most know, I am s l i g h t l y monogrammed obsessed, always have
I think monogrammed gifts are always the best gifts since a lot of people don't think to buy them for themselves 
I just LOVE all of these fun things below, some of them have been on my wish list for eons
I want to order that pillow below for our guest bedroom, I love the border, it would match our Greek key headboard in there perfectly
If you love monograms as much as I do, here is a list of my absolute favorite places to shop fr monogrammed gifts:
My Favorite Monogram Shops:
1. Tote Bags - L.L.Bean for their famous durable boat n totes
2. Baby and Home Gifts - The Pink Giraffe
3. Sweaters and Pajamas - J.Crew's Monogram Shop

EMH found this awesome iPhone case on Etsy I think we're both dying for, how cute is it?
More than anything though I have dreamed of having a monogrammed Tiffany bracelet in 14k gold that I could add charms onto throughout life, like a wedding locket charm with Brad's picture inside and our wedding date engraved in it, my birthstone (diamond:) charm, a baby booty with monogram and birthday for babies down the road, a cross for my faith, and maybe some charms for my favorite hobbies?
Brad are you reading this???...
Anyway, I could totally envision the monogram canvases in a nursery, I think they are too sweet for words
Anyway, if you are again stumped like some on gifts, don't forget you can always turn to a monogram - just give yourself time!
And next time you order something for yourself, be sure to check for a monogramming option, many places offer it!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far!


Monogrammed Gift Ideas


  1. Im also WAY obsessed with monograms. I got my mom a cut-out monogram necklace in silver for Christmas. ;). Everything she and I own practically is monogrammed.

  2. I am the same way, as much as I can get my hands on! Love those necklace, I'm sure she'll adore it! xo