Monday, November 26, 2012

This Weekend

I had most of last week off from being sick and then the holiday, therefore having lots of time on my hands...

Saturday we hunted sun up to sun down, it was a beautiful blue bird (not a cloud in the sky) day - so no birds really:(
Although no birds, a nice day spent with my Dad
On the way home we stopped by The Bass Pro Shops - HOLY MOLEY outdoor goods!
I had never been to a Bass Pro Shops and was absolutely blown away by this place, have you ever been?
Two stories of everything outdoor you can imagine: boats, atv's, fishing rods, camping gear, shotguns, hunting gear in every camo you can imagine, bows, they even had a two story waterfall fully stocked with trout at the bottom - insane!
The store setting was quite eye appealing, avid outdoorsmen/women could literally spend the entire day there browsing!
I picked up a few things like a new camo backpack for the field, a camo face mask, a new new choke for my new shotgun!
My awesome hubs let me pick out a new rifle for Christmas, I ended up getting a Remington 1187 Sportsman and cannot wait to pick it up once my application gets cleared!
I had been hunting the last few seasons with my Dad's Remington 870 12 gauge - let's just say that sure knocked me off my feet for far too long!

Anyway, enough of that!

Maddie girl as the sun was rising over Los Banos, CA at Backwater Hunting Club

  Instead of braving the stores on Black Friday, I spent my day in napping, decorating and prepping for mine and Carrie's Christmas party
I took down my Autumn wreath (below) that I made in October: reed wreath with silk leaves, pin-tail feathers from my first bird of the season, faux berries and a burlap bow and S monogram letter I made from cardboard and burlap

Out with the old

In with the new!

As always, hand me a bottle of anything gold and it is OVER!
I went to town as always, and glittered me some pinecones for my $5 wreath my wonderful Mom dropped off for me
Apparently if you got there early enough on Friday morning, Home Depot was selling plain wreaths, garland and poinsettias for only $5.00 each!
My Mom brought me two poinsettias and this wreath I decked out with my homemade glitter pinecones and the recycled bow I made for my Autumn wreath, not too shabby!
I may hot-glue some pomegranates and a bigger bow on later...

I saw this on Pinterest the other day and thought it would be fun to hang JOY from out garland
Image - HERE

I just cut out these simple letters using my scale for measuring and a straight edge, an xacto knife and good ole Elmer's Glue... so fun and literally took 20 minutes...

Overall my time off was well spent!
We also celebrated EMH passing the state Bar - congratulations to her! (wish I had some photos, darn it!)
Thanksgiving was extra special this year, my first with BRS there the entire time, I got to play sous chef with Dad, I met my parents new neighbors, and enjoyed a magnificent feast!
Thanksgiving is still, my favorite holiday ever, and I am so thankful for my friends and family I get to spend it with
I hope yours was as wonderful and warm, Happy Holidays!

With Love,

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  1. you have your own rifle now?? Awesome. I have still never even shot a gun.