Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks

On a number of occasions, be it birthdays, Mother's/Father's Day, Christmas, etc. I am reminded of how thankful I really am for the life God has given me - it is when I remember the most
I haven't posted a "Pause" Post in some time, but for those of you who do not know what that is, they are posts where I take a photo of a place I have stopped, thought, prayed and have felt so thankful for what I have and who I am
Must remember to do that again, for me this blog is like a journal of my last year, and I love that part of it!

But there is nothing more special in the world to me than remember this at Thanksgiving
I have SO much to be thankful for besides a table full of plenty, but for my health, happiness, friends, family and the solid roof over my head

I am thankful for...

Parents like these magnificent two:

Great friends like these ladies:

A HUGE family like this:

Grandmother's like these two:

A best friend as special as her:

Sweet pea pups like these two:

Loving cousins like this:

And certainly last, but not least, my incredible, loyal, amazing husband:

Not to be a huge brat but there are so many other crazy and materialistic things I am thankful for:

Take this, I am thankful for my awesome clients who let me add a brown, white and pink sofa in their kitchen

This awesome umbrella that has kept me dry in some torrential rains:
 Available at Nordstrom - HERE
(random, I know - but I loathe rain on my face)

The ability to be in control of a remodel like this:

My super affordable hair and body care line that make my day:
$3.99/each at Trader Joe's - It will NEVER let you down!

My iPad, I live on this at night:
(can you say hello! Pinterest?)
Available - HERE

So, not sure how I ended up here, but thanks!

Thank you to my friends and readers who make this worth while
Thanks Mom and Dad for bringing me to this good green Earth
Thank you to my awesome Doctor who has been a saint lately
Thank you to my employer, William for the great job the past three years
Thank you to my sister, for raising four kids
Thank you God for this good green Earth mentioned above:)
Thank you to my best friends for being my escape from reality sometimes 
Thank you to my husband who loves me unconditionally and provides this wonderful life for us
Thank you to my family who make me laugh so hard I tend to lose control
Thank you good green Earth for providing the canvas I call the garden in addition to free therapy
Thank you to my country where I am free, have clean water and a safe place to call home

Happy Thanksgiving!



  1. You do have a lot to be thankful for, and a lot of people that are thankful for you! Love you best friend!