Thursday, December 13, 2012

THIS Watch

Since I was in high school, this darned watch has been on my wish list
Walking through the Duty Free shops in the airport in St. Maarten as an 18 year old, I stopped my Dad and said: 
"Dad, if I graduate college, will you buy me this watch?"
Well, let's just say, 5 years of college and a bachelor's degree later, no watch has appeared on my wrist
I have begged and pleaded for this watch, but the moment the cost came up, my Dad, my husband, and anyone else I have shared this with stares at me blankly or as if I said I had the black plague
But then this morning, the early morning reminder e-mail from Gilt stared me in the eye, "Estate Watches" on Gilt this morning, limited time only!
So needless to say, this lovely is on my wish list once again, and I even went as far as adding myself to the wait list for someone else to drop it from their cart
I'd do anything for this little slice of wrist candy, gorgeous, right?

Dream on girl, dream on...


Anyone need design service??
Will trade services for wrist candy

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