Monday, December 17, 2012

Totes McGoats

Come Winter you can usually find me lugging around a tote bag of... well my life, really
Between my water bottle, wallet, phone, keys, lip glosses, sunglasses and tape measure, a purse usually will not suffice
Come the cooler months I like to have a place to stash my scarf, hat and umbrella
Living in the Bay Area when the temperature hits below 60 degrees, everyone panics and turns the heat up
With this being said, you are constantly shedding layer upon layer and need someplace to drop them
Hence, the need for a lovey tote!

Nordstrom really takes the lead when coming to GREAT tote options
As you probably recognize the Michael Kors tote I've probably posted a dozen times
I cannot express to you how great this bag is!
It holds a TON of items, is perfection for travel, is easy to clean with one of those Magic Eraser sponges and is so super chic
So take my word, add it to your Christmas wish list - you will not regret it!

Totes McGoats

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