Tuesday, January 29, 2013

20 Week Update

20 Week Baby Bump

Baby's Size?: Banana
Due Date?: June 16th (Father's Day!)
Total weight gained/lost: 8lbs-ish?
Exercise this Week?: Pilates and walking dogs, the same. Going to try out a 10min Pilate DVD tonight too:)
Maternity Clothes?: Yes, still wearing the jeans only though. I found a cute pair of dark denim skinnies at Old Navy for under $40 and they stay up a little better than the Hudson's plus look great with ballet flats
Stretch Marks?: No, whew!
Belly Button?: Still in, but I had the CRAZIEST dream that I got this HUGE outie, almost looked like a Cone Head but on my stomach
Wedding Rings On/Off?: On
Sleep?: Better-ish? Sill getting up 2-3x a night to use the bathroom, and I have noticed if I eat an earlier dinner I wake up around 2am starving
Best Moment of the Week: Feeling Baby Shoe kick and finding out the gender
Movement?: Yes, finally! And it's beyond incredible!
Food Craving?: Mangoes and pineapple, like all.day.long
Food aversions?: Salmon, which is weird because I usually love it
Morning Sickness?: Few and far between, pickled ginger is still my BFF
Gender?: Yes! B-O-Y!!!
What I Miss?: Meeting the gals for wine after work and my energy 
What I am Looking Forward to?: Meeting this little man, of course! But revealing his name is probably next on that list!

I have to thank all my friends and family for their outpouring of love and excitement when we announced Baby Shoe is a boy on Facebook and via text/calls, etc.
You really are the best and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts

Let the shopping commence!



  1. Isn't it crazy how both of us like our inexpensive ON jeans better than our splurge pair? Frustrating, right?! Oh well...at least we found some that stay up! Haha

    1. RIGHT?! Ugh, so frustrated with that!

      I need suspenders!