Friday, February 1, 2013

Sweet Feet

So, Tuesday was a sh*tty day, pardon my French, I got THE worst stomach flu EVER
So excuse my silence this week as I haven't had much to talk about other than reruns of Grey's Anatomy, throw up, and you know what... 

So, you all get to let me brag about my sweet baby boy!

How sweet are those feet?!
Taking after Mama here with the big feet...

And I like to sleep like my Mama too, one arm over the face
Look at those limbs, and those feet down there, that's what I've been feeling this last week

And here's a clear shot of my junk, I have no shame!
Yes, that weird looking "thing" sticking out, it his "junk"
Made Daddy proud! 

Words cannot describe how much I already love this little man growing inside of me
Knowing that we are responsible of bringing this little guy into this world, loving him, nurturing him, and teaching him to be sweet, kind, loyal, loving and mindful is such a joy
I cannot wait to meet him, hold him in my arms in June and show him how much his Daddy and I love him
From that positive test back in October, I have loved him to pieces
Sweet little man, you have no idea how much you already mean to us, we love you to the moon and back!

I am so excited to share this journey, I hope everyone is having a VERY Happy Friday and for the love of God, stay healthy!!!

This weekend is going to be a BLAST!
Babies and the Super Bowl:
Tomorrow morning I get to celebrate Miss Lila at a little brunch in her honor as she is expecting a sweet baby boy very soon, can't wait!

Go Forty Niners!!

With Love,

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  1. Thank you for sharing. Just looking at the pictures of this sweet little one makes me very warm inside. Yup, its love. It's a special thing to love someone you haven't met yet.