Sunday, January 13, 2013

And... I'm Back (Again!)

What a terrible way to start 2013!
I haven't blogged since last year since my January 1st post was a "hi" from our walk and doesn't really count... oops and sorry!

I've been a bit occupied in many ways, care to know why?:
1. Adjusting back to work from being off for over two weeks - so not fun
2. I had to clean up Santa's throw-up (aka clean up my Christmas decor and TWO trees)
3. Umm... I'm pregnant, and really feeling it! Speaking of throw up, cleaning up my own too!
4. Did I mention this little devil decided to eat two of Daddy's dark chocolate bars from his stocking? Let's just say this Christmas season involved a TON of throw up - nice right?

5. And more on a serious note, I've had a lot of down days, these pregnancy hormones have been getting the best of me and I've felt more anxiety and low days than I ever have before. I have been working through it, and am finding my inner peace and happiness slowly. Of course I am over the moon happy and excited about this baby, but in all honesty, fears and anxiety are tough and prominent in this big life change.

...So there are my "Excuses". Onwards...

So, since this blog is about my life, what I see, and do, pardon the next six months of probably more baby related topics, tidbits and fun things!
I hope to keep posting non-pregnancy related things, but hey, this is my diary, I get to do what I want!:)

With out further ado, here we go!
Every couple of weeks or so I am going to document my progress, I have seen this on many blogs that have turned baby-related and think they are a great way to document my pregnancy for myself, my friends, family and even for Baby Shoe when he/she gets older:

18 Week Baby Bump
Baby's Size?: Mango
Due Date?: June 16th (Father's Day!)
Total weight gained/lost: 6lbs. I actually lost some at first because I had such terrible morning sickness. I do know I started out weighing more than I have averaged out in the last couple years because I knew we wanted to start trying so started to eat more, oops! Oh and "Indian Summer" here offered many trips to Tucker's Ice Cream...
Exercise this Week?: Pilates and walking dogs
Maternity Clothes?: Yes! Just started this week actually. Jeans were starting to get uncomfortable except for a pair of my college Abercrombie jeans I can still wear low (remember how cool 2"zippers were? SAVE THEM!)
Stretch Marks?: No
Belly Button?: Still in
Wedding Rings On/Off?: On
Sleep?: Eh. Unless I am completely exhausted, I have a very hard time falling asleep because my mind is racing. I've been very anxious lately over-thinking things and it takes me much longer than usual. Also, I have to get up to use the bathroom 1-3 times per night, so annoying!
Best Moment of the Week: Laying in bed until 2pm with my husband and dog watching football and relaxing
Movement?: I have felt a little flutter, unless that's gas? Heaven knows I have a lot of that!
Food Craving?: Fruit, lots of fruit. Can't complain!
Food aversions?: Meat when I have to smell it being prepared
Morning Sickness?: Yes, still here. Not as bad, but definitely still there.
Gender?: Ugh, no!
What I Miss?: Champagne, not going to lie
What I am Looking Forward to?: Gender ultrasound on January 28th!

Thanks CJN for lighting the fire under me to post, I am happy you did:)
I hope everyone has a great week and I look forward to posting a couple nursery ideas by you all this week!


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  1. Cutie Patootie! You just look precious with your little baby bump. :)

    Secret? I miss champagne too! ;)