Tuesday, February 12, 2013

22 Week Update and Nursery Fun (or not?)

22 Week Baby Bump

Baby's Size?: Papaya
Due Date?: June 16th 
Total weight gained/lost: Not sure, next appointment is in a month, my OB said to ignore the scale, so I am just following orders:)
Exercise this Week?: Pilates once
Maternity Clothes?: Yes, loving my Old Navy skinnies and yoga pants still
Stretch Marks?: No ma'am
Belly Button?: Still in but definitely looking a tad different, can't quite point out what it is, but it seems a tiny different
Wedding Rings On/Off?: On
Sleep?: Very interrupted between the terrible leg cramps and bathroom runs
Best Moment of the Week: Laying in bed when Brad got home from work and him feeling Baby Shoe kick, or had he likes to say, "quickening" (someone's been doing his homework:)
Movement?: Lots! Especially after breakfast and when I drink cold pineapple juice and fizzy water
Food Craving?: Still fruit and now dairy like cheese sticks and chocolate milk
Food aversions?: None right now actually
Morning Sickness?: Few and far between, pickled ginger is still my BFF
Gender?: Yes sir - Baby Shoe is a boy
What I Miss?: My energy, I am always sleepy
What I am Looking Forward to?: Holding him on my chest and smelling his little noggin

Excuse the mess to the left, yesterday our contractor started working on the baby's room!
Until Monday that room was our guest bedroom and host to the last bump shots...
Nothing too exciting is going on except for repairs done to our house which is nearly a hundred years old - things were NOT pretty behind the walls in there - it was quite unfortunate
After that not so fun stuff, he is putting up crown molding and prepping for paint
My, (no offense) not so handy husband has decided to take on painting the nursery himself and is going to try and convince my Dad to install wainscot with him - this should be interesting with a capital I!
This wainscot idea is all his idea, I am content with plain walls, but if it does happen, I want the wainscot at least 48" in height, it's already a small room, I don't want it looking squatty! 

I am hoping it's as easy as nailing this to the wall, but heavens knows, wish them luck!

Home Depot - HERE

Day One
A lovely California home built of non pressure treated redwood in the early 1900's, scary, huh?
Due to leaks in the exterior walls this was the result:

Day Two
Pretty impressive, huh?

Now that's what I call a diligent worker, just one guy in one day!

Tomorrow (Wednesday), he is taping off and texturing the walls
Thursday the crown molding and new baseboards go in...
Can't wait to share the progress!

Hope everyone is having a great week!


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