Sunday, February 24, 2013

24 Week Update

24 Week Baby Bump
Image from The Bump - HERE

Baby's Size?: A cantaloupe
Due Date?: June 16th 
Total weight gained/lost: Still not sure, appointment is next Friday the 8th, my guess is around 12lbs?
Exercise this Week?: Pilates and walked the pups Sunday afternoon
Maternity Clothes?: Yes - still loving yoga pants!
Stretch Marks?: No thank goodness 
Belly Button?: Still in
Wedding Rings On/Off?: On
Sleep?: Same as last week, few and far between with mainly legs cramps now
Best Moment of the Week: Spa days with some girlfriends of mine laying by the pool feeling him move as I sipped cold cucumber water
Movement?: Yes, lots and I love it1
Food Craving?: No cravings anymore
Food aversions?: Not much
Morning Sickness?: Here and there, usually in the morning
Gender?: Boy 
What I Miss?: Still my energy, I am always sleepy
What I am Looking Forward to?: Putting together the nursery

This past week has been rough with a capital R!
Brad and I both had wicked colds that brought my already zero energy level down to a negative ten
I managed to squeeze in one Pilates class, only because I guilted myself for not canceling my two other ones and felt that I should at least show face
Fortunately the class was a breeze, which I am pretty impressed with myself about!
I would pay money to watch a 6 month pregnant woman do pike plank!
I can only image what people must think as they watch

Baby Tate has been playing The Karate Kid in my belly all week, he is so active and very predictable
Cold liquid, fruit consumption and 9am, 1pm and 10pm are his most active times
This past weekend I went to Indian Springs with two of my fellow pregnant girlfriends, and the entire time I was there he put on a show
I think anytime I eat, drink or am relaxed he likes to let it be known there's a new man in town!
I wish I would have recorded this below shot, you could see waves of movement across my skin...
I was hesitant to share this bump shot, as I know not everyone is "in to it", but hell this is my journal, I can laugh at it in another twenty years!

Happy Week to you all!

Indian Springs, Calistoga

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  1. Your bump shot is SO cute!! So glad you're feeling better. Hubs and I have that horrid cold now! It's brutal!