Friday, February 22, 2013


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Are you a good tipper?
What rule of thumb do you stick to?
I've always considered myself a good tipper, but lately I have been questioning my judgement
Forever I have "timed the tax by two", which was always my parents rule...
In California (and in Alameda County specifically) our sales tax on all food orders is 9%
So let's say our bill is $43.10...
Meal: $43.10
Tax: $3.88
Tip: ($3.88 x 2) = $7.76
Total: $54.74
Seems about right?
(usually I round up to the nearest dollar, so in this case I would tip $8.00)

Well... say you have a lousy server or hey even a rock star, what seems right?

Server barely greets you, no eye contact, doesn't confirm order, no check-ins... stick to the rule?
Server goes above and beyond, everything is smooth, they are polite and friendly... same rule?
Doesn't seem right to me...
If I have an excellent server I always add an extra $10 or so, but is this even enough?
What about deliveries?

Here's a helpful article by CNN Money on tipping, I have found it to be quite helpful:

To sum it up I would say:
20% across the board!

*My manicurist always gets $7 for my $23 (gel) manicure, mainly because I have gone their for years and they go above and beyond for me

I'm okay with math, not great, but okay so all of the super awesome tip cheat aps for the phone are great, but... how awkward is that pulling out your phone to figure it out?

The WORST thing ever is when you're in a large group and the bill has to be split five ways, even worse when three people pay by credit card and the others by cash....
I am a HUGE fan of these new aps where one person foots the bill on their credit card and then the others can instantly transfer funds into their account -!

I am going to suggest it at our next outing with the girls, since that is always an easier crown to approach semi awkward things like this with!

I've never used any of these, so probably not the smartest idea listing them, so let me be clear stating that these are the ones I know in existence!

What's super cool is that it doesn't stop at the dinner table - but for roommates, etc. you can do the same for rent, utilities, etc. - how I wish I went to college in this generation of tech savvy!!

I would love anyones thoughts on this... am I being generous, or is this standard protocol?
I have never worked in the food industry but I know it is hard work!

Happy Friday, now go out and support this economy and get a good bite to eat!


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