Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Products I Love Right NOW

Products I Love Right NOW

Products I Love Right NOW by tearose412 

For some reason I have been in this, let's get it done mood
I wake up and want like to just be easy and simple, not quite laziness, just the need for ease...
Hoodie - I just got this adorbs at Gap for $15.00 and LOVE it, it still fits my bump, is comfortable, cute and not too thick - Sale time, go now!
Shades - Tory Burch I love thee... makes me feel just that tiny bit more stylish and put together on mornings when I am feeling, blah!
Bronzer - Tried and true, my hands-down absolute fave ever, it highlights the good spots and brightens the tiredness - A MUST for all
Skirt - a whopping $5.95 has changed my life! This H&M skirt, which I now own two of and plan on purchasing a few more is my new staple! I wish I had it all my pregnancy, it fits under or over the bump and is thin enough to layer things pregnant or not, you again MUST own!
Bracelet - Just a little glam to go with the bright tops I've been pairing with my skirts. It's instant glitz to any outfit
Perfume - So random but I found an old bottle of Clinique Happy from my college days that I have fallen back in love with, honestly it's one of the only perfumes that doesn't overwhelm me or make me nauseous. It's great paired with most Jo Malone perfumes and is much more affordable

So, that's my little product rampage right now, I feel and look great (at least to me, haha) when these six things work together!

Enjoy like I do!


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