Monday, April 22, 2013

As Promised... My Baby Shower

 I hands-down THE best friends a girl could ask for, that's a given
My girlfriends, Carrie and Meghan combined threw Tate and I the BEST baby shower you can imagine
From the heavenly french baguette sandwiches, scrumptious treats, and perfect beverages for the warmest day of 2013... it was utter perfection!
I just pray that Tate has such amazing friends as I do, good grief I am just get teary-eyed typing this!
I am so blessed to have Carrie, my maid of honor as my best friend, she always ALWAYS goes above and beyond anyone's remote ideas to make YOU feel the most special 
Team her up with the creative Meghan and her culinary skills, the end result is a perfect baby shower
With the help of a couple of my other girlfriends and my Mother's backyard... you really get the best of everything (thanks again, Mom!)

Thank you ladies, you blow me away with your love, support, friendship and care
I can't thank you enough!

 The hostesses
Check out our new cool stroller and tartan stroller blankie!

Miss Lila and her newest addition, Gavin! Only a month young!

Beautiful centerpieces by La Flor as always (lucky us!)

The MOST incredible and generous gift from Auntie Carrie - BIG surprise!
Navy blue to match Mama's car!

For little man Tate!

 Fun to think we just celebrated this beautiful brides bridal shower just two weeks before in this same space, 2013 is turning out to be quite a remarkable year for this group of gals!
 (Stay tuned for her engagement picture shots come early May - can't wait to post them!!!)

Some of the gorgeous gals I call my friends (and their lovely Mama's) - sorry but it's a membership qualification ;)

Fun little guessing game... check out that stud muffin #5 - cross that with Baby #3 and you may have out Tater Tot! 
I got 14 out of 17!

Hostesses of the mostess-es? - EMH, MNS, CJN, (Tate) and I

The adorable pea favors!

Told ya, it's a membership requirement!...

The delicious luncheon for a warm day

Can't wait until the shower that this sweet lady is hosting come May 10th with Brad's department friends!


  1. So glad you had a wonderful shower, Tori! It (and YOU) looks beautiful!

  2. Love it! I am lucky to get be a part of your life, and celebrate these amazing moments with you!