Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Nesting Take I

Of course Tate has to come home to a freshly painted house, doesn't everyone get their house painted when they are nine months pregnant?
Brad and I drove by this house in Long Beach of all places back in 2008 and he fell in love with it's curb appeal
Fortunately but unfortunately I snapped a photo of it at the time and he still references it when we discuss painting our house
So wooden shutters and planter boxes are being ordered we have that planned, but the exact paint colour we absolutely do not have selected yet
I took the liberty of picking out four shades of "grey-ish, beige-ish, tan-nish, taupe-ish" for Brad to pick from and his response to them was: "I don't see it" - so we are stuck, officially stuck
The trim around the windows is going to be painted white, as are the fascia and column
The window boxes, shutters, garage and doors are being painted black
That we do know! The rest, the main part - is TBD

The house in Long Beach, CA

Here's a peek at what our house looks like now, yes that little house you see is purple 
Okay, maybe not purple, but for all intensive purposes we live in a purple house that is fading to pink from the sun, thank you previous owner for using cheap paint!

Our house, at the end of the street, our house...

Here's our front entry, the screen door is going, new oil rubbed bronze house numbers and door knocker, bronze mailbox and and new fabulous door hardware will all go up!
Also window boxes under these two windows and shutters on the small window with the wreath

Shutters will go on all three front windows as well as planter boxes under all four of these windows

Brad's options to choose from!

Benjamin Moore Paint Options:
A. AC-36 Shenandoah Taupe
B. AC-3 Texas Leather
C. 235 Oak Ridge
D. HC-77 Alexandria Beige

Options painted by our back door
Excited to have the new door with doggie door installed!
*Note the neighbor's house in the background... we don't want a colour too close to theirs, which has major green undertones

Another wall in the courtyard

My favorite is D. HC-77 Alexandria Beige - thoughts?

Brad hasn't seen these yet, so stay tuned!



  1. I think you should do a cooler blue, all those have reddish undertones which is similar to your existing color. So I pick A but with more blue undertone. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. On the popsicle stick I like D. On the house examples I like A AND D!

    1. Just got your e-mail, you're awesome, Ched:) Thanks!

      Loving D too, Brad checked them out and likes D the most with a hint more of brown/tan to it... Must play around with the fan deck now!