Tuesday, May 14, 2013

35 Week Update

35 Week Baby Bump!
Baby's Size?: A coconut - this confuses me because don't you think a butternut squash is bigger than a coconut? Hmmm...
Due Date?: June 16th. My guess still stands at 6/20
Total weight gained/lost: 18lbs
Exercise this Week?: Yes! Go me! Walked the dogs for almost an hour yesterday and I have every intention of going to Pilates at noon tomorrow!
Maternity Clothes?: Yes, mixed in with regular clothes - wearing a medium shirt and dress now
Stretch Marks?: None still, but lots of scratches! Apparently I itch my belly and sides in my sleep?
Belly Button?: Barely in
Wedding Rings On/Off?: On 
Sleep?: Same as last week, quite uncomfortable. I noticed that if I have an early commitment or something planned the next day I have a terrible time falling and staying asleep. Would do anything for a sleeping pill!
Best Moment of the Week: Probably yesterday morning being able to sleep in until 11am with not a worry in the world! However did immensely enjoy my lovely baby shower!
Movement?: Tons and tons still
Food Craving?: Turkey and cream cheese sandwiches on raisin bread still
Food aversions?: None
Morning Sickness?: None, yay!
Gender?: Boy - Baby Tate Reynold
What I Miss?: I would do anything for a mai tai right now! Extra stiff!
What I am Looking Forward to?:  Lunch Friday with two great friends then Saturday fireworks baseball game with the hubs

Considering all the terrifying stories from friends and family members and all the horrific e-mails from The Bump, What to Expect, and all those other pregnancy websites - I've managed to stay calm and collected this week!
There are so many horror stories and symptoms they list that I have thankfully not experienced
 I find myself truly blessed to be just experiencing lower belly pressure, leg cramps and sleepiness!
Who would think?!
Like last week, I am still in full nesting mode, perhaps it's because of hormones but it also could be because I am home now and notice every itty bitty darned detail and flaw in everything
How do people do this? I am feeling totally neurotic about my home and surroundings - good grief!
I do not envy my poor husband, I am almost tired of myself, haha

I am off to go try and figure out what colour to paint our house, painter comes Monday - SOS!


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