Sunday, June 9, 2013

38 and 39 Week Update

I found myself a tad behind to we'll just double up the last two weeks...

38 Week Baby Bump

I don't see much of a difference, but maybe that's because I'm tired of looking at myself!

39 Week Baby Bump

Baby's Size?: Let's just say... A BABY (duh?)
Due Date?: June 16th. So Brad is still saying June 14th, while I was saying June 20th still. However... I am perfectly a-ok with Tate making his grand entrance this Monday the 10th as my doctor is back in town!
Total weight gained/lost: 25lbs
Exercise this Week?: Week 38 I have to be honest and same NONE... but today (39 weeks) I waled the pups 2 miles - YES!
Maternity Clothes?: Check out my cute neon pink shorts from Old Navy Maternity! Cute, right?
Stretch Marks?: Still none!
Belly Button?: Barely in
Wedding Rings On/Off?: On - and apparently a great thing according to my Doctor. I swear he flatters me weekly, this last appointment he said I am one of the most graceful pregnant women ever. Sure made my day!
Sleep?: Still crappy, but am getting 2-4 hours at a time. Naps have been glorious.
Best Moment of the Week: Catching my sweet husband in a moment of happiness - he's so stinkin' cute I love him so much
Movement?: Yes, lots!
Food Craving?: Back to turkey and cream cheese sandwiches on raisin bread AND sweet apricots
Food aversions?: I almost wish!
Morning Sickness?: None still! SO fantastic!
Gender?: Boy - Baby Tate Reynold
What I Miss?: Long restful sleep - yeah yeah I know that's no going to happen for another 18 years, heard it before!
What I am Looking Forward to?: Gee, I don't know... MEETING TATE!!!


In other good news, my friend Deana and her husband Brian just gave birth to her sweet baby Kate yesterday!
Deana and I met through our online due date club back in October and instantly hit it off, we have a ton in common, and not just our shared due dates!
I can't wait to share pictures of Tate's future girlfriend!
Check out Deana's blog HERE!

Congratulations Deana!

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