Sunday, June 9, 2013

Nesting Take II

So last time I we left off we were stuck between four house paint colours, we thought we didn't quite have it right, but it turns out we did!

I am SO thrilled with the results of...

D. HC-77 Alexandria Beige!





Now I wanted to hold off and wait until everything was installed (shutters and window planter boxes) to share but just couldn't resist!
Our mailbox still isn't up (next week) and the boxes and shutters on are on order
It's tough to tell but the front door is a stunning navy blue - stop by and see! 
And while you're stopping by for a coffee or glass of wine, come to our back yard and check out my new tree!

My one year anniversary gift from Brad

Next steps on our to do list for the exterior of our home are:
1. Remove above orange tree and replace with either a green Japanese Maple or a Cherry Blossom tree
2. Fix brick pathway up to house (city tree roots are destroying it - boring)
3. Replace all the edging along grass (again, boring)
4. Plant shrubbery and flowers along fence in backyard (to the left and right of my new tree) and re-mulch the entire property - WHEW!
5. Plant another Japanese Maple in the left corner of our front yard
6. Hang our hammock!
8. And Final: Reconstruct a dog run - Yikes!

Now I am sure this all sounds ca-razy - but this will all of course be done in "baby-steps" as I call them, or as Brad would correct me in saying - "you don't know baby steps"
But really, I'm thinking of adding shrub by shrub, project by project - no need to go nuts!
I am completely obsessed with planting some trees, and would love another one in the right hand corner of the yard next to the area we already have fenced off for a dog run
It must be hormones because I am in a mood - poor Brad!
So, hopefully this summer I'll have "baby-step" updates for your viewing pleasure but for now, that's it!



  1. It looks beautiful!!! But, you take it easy there, crazy lady! Be sure to get your rest! :-) xoxo

    1. Thanks, Liz! I know, I know... I'm SO antsy though!

  2. Tori the only steps you know are: think it, do it, next