Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,
I have been a VERY good girl this year. If you would be so kind enough to slide down our chimney and place these items on my wish list under our tree, I promise to be an even better girl in 2012. Like I mean, knock-your-socks-off-good-girl.

Dear Santa

Has everyone made their Christmas Wish-Lists yet? For those of you still "allowed" to make one, here are some ideas off my hypothetical wish list!:
1.      Clarisonic Classic Sonic Skin Cleansing System
2.      J.Crew Printed iPad Case
3.      Burberry Trench Coat
4.      Violight UV Light Toothbrush Sanitizer
5.      J. Crew Matching Gingham Flannel PJ’s
6.      Zhi Tea Organic Tea of the Month Club
7.      New Patio Furniture (as an interior designer, one knows this is the best time to order it!)
8.      Eileen Fisher Eco Cashmere Robe
9.      Kate Spade Gold Clutch
10.   Cartier Tank Watch: This baby will be on every wish list of mine until it magically appears on my wrist

Hope you have a great Wednesday, unfortunately the Prius needed new tires which set us back a good $600.00 – Something tells me the Tank Watch will not be making its appearance, or even the pajamas for the matter. 'Tis the season!

Happy Holidays!



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