Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Five - Wallets

Clockwise from top gold wallet:      Kate Spade     Tory Burch     Michael Kors     Burberry     Coach

I am just in love with these wallets!
 I almost wish they all had straps around the end to convert them to wristlets… 
Oooh, an invention! Quick, someone market that!
I just purchased the gold Kate Spade wallet and am SO happy with my purchase. 
This is my third gold wallet and I just hope they keep making this one. 
Kate Spade is by far my favorite go to shop for wallets, I still have my black wallet I used daily for 5 years. It still looks new!

Since we’re on the topic of Friday Fives, here is another list of five must haves for a girls weekend in Tahoe (no snow yet, so no skiing):
1. Lots of bubbly, specifically Roederer
4. Romantic Holiday movies like Love Actually
5. Ingredients to make face masques

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I’m off to Tahoe with the gals, stay tuned for random musings of five twenty-something’s with backgrounds as colourful as the rainbow… 


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