Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Recap!

Hello There!
I hope everyone had a great weekend? I know I sure did! I am a lucky girl for many reasons. One being that I have the most amazing fiancĂ©, BRS. 
Two: I have my peanuts, Logan and Shelby. 
Three, my stupendous family. 
And four, my fabulous friends! 
Explanations below:

Saturday recap: 
BRS slept in (as did I) to a hour well past 11am like teenagers going through a growth spurt, I was going to compare that to an Edward and Bella moment, but will spare you my pathetic obsession. 
He worked late Friday night, the poor pea, and I... uh, hmmm... girlfriends + good wine + Twilight... you get the picture. 
The gals and I caught a late showing of Breaking Dawn, and as promised I did remember to snap a couple photos of the gorgeous theatre (see below). 
The movie left us all smiling, need I say more? 
So, the gals and I shared a terrific bottle of Rosenblum Cellars (2007 Yolo County Syrah) with a delicious, pat-myself-on-the-back ten-ingredient salad. 
Why such a rich wine with a salad you ask? 
Not a Chardonnay or Rose? 
Simply this: why waste our time with lack luster and light hearted wines when we can enjoy bull bodied heaven? 
Oh, and... through a text from MNS (my foodie friend that has a masters in food culture and communications for Peet's sake!) on the way over asking if it was ok we drink this with our salads, she gave me the a-ok! Sheesh, no judgments please!

My girlfriends and I share a love of REALLY good food. 
Like, when I say really, I really mean it... and not just food, healthy, delicious, mouth watering good food. EMH is finishing up law school and just finished finals, so let's just say her eating habits during and up to finals were, hmmm. unique. 
You know I love you if you're reading this! 
Then again, I can't be one to talk, not today anyway... don't tell BRS, but I had a healthy pour of my absolute favorite Rosenblum Cellars 2008 Maggie's Reserve Zinfandel and my half of a pint of Strauss Family Farms mint chocolate Chip ice-cream for dinner.

Anyway, back to Friday night, we shared a fabulous salad and good wine at my house then headed over to watch Bella and Edward become Mr. and Mrs. Cullen, it was a splendid evening.

Saturday CGK hosted a nice Stella and Dot party courtesy of our fabulous consultant, Toni Fullerton. Stella and Dot has SO many amazing things right now, perfect for Christmas gifts! 
I spent the rest of my evening with my glass of wine and ice cream in good company. 
MNS came over (with pint in hand) and we baked all evening while playing with my Williams-Sonoma wedding registry and attempting to make our own Lemon-Ginger infused vodka with the Madeline remnants... 
Random, I know, but stay tuned for results.

Sunday I attended a Holiday Cookie exchange party full of good company, lots of babies and enough sugar to put Hawaii’s sugar mills out of business. 
I opted to leave out as much sugar as possible and use honey instead but spent Sunday evening in a state of sugar delusion! 
I brought classic lemon Madelines and oatmeal/raisin/chocolate chip and they all seemed to be a hit! 
What was even better about this event, is that our amazing hostess, who has been generous to host this for the last 4 years provides a huge assortment of plain sugar cookies and the most fabulous decorations for us to play with.  
I went to town and even created a gingerbread lady sporting a Lilly Pulitzer dress and Bonannos.  It's Summer somewhere. 
Love it!

So, this weekend was one of those eventful Holiday filled weekends that only come but once a year!
 I hope December has been warm, merry and filled with love. 
Stay healthy out there!

Happy Holidays!


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