Friday, December 9, 2011

Weekend Bargain and Splurge - Oh and Twilight too!

I hope this weekend will be warm and cheerful for everyone.
I am SO excited to see Twilight with my best friends tonight! 
We are lucky enough to see it at our local and downright gorgeous movie theatre that was remodeled a couple of years ago to its original state. 
My Mom reminisces of the days she could get to and from the same theatre, see a flick, get popcorn and a soda for $0.50 (yes, fifty cents!)
! I'll try and remember to snap a couple pics of the interior for you!

I will be the very first to admit that I am most definitely a major Twihard
Yay team Edward! 
As most of you know, these ridiculous movies, yes, I said it, ridiculous movies are not quite up to Blockbuster standards considering the massive budget I am sure they receive. 
Not too many people like the first movies, and yes, they have their flaws... but you can tell there was a lot of thought put into casting, etc. 
When I think of back when I first read the books, they weren't too far off. 
Maybe when I say ridiculous I mean "thank goodness for my 2 hour escapes into my teenage years" - thank you Stephenie Meyer!

I'll most likely be sporting a similar ensemble as below. Not going to lie (I promise to always speak the truth here!) this is probably my staple go-to outfit in the Fall and Winter.


For the pocketbook conscious ladies like myself:

Some how my Dad doesn't recall the conversation we had at the Duty Free in St. Martin where he "promised" me a Cartier Tank watch if I ever finished college... Well news flash, I graduated almost 4 years ago Dad, I don't see this wrist candy anywhere in site!

Bonus Note: 
Are those Frye boots TO-DIE-FOR or what?!

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