Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Well you all know by now how much this girl makes me happy!
This post is a tad late, but I wanted to share the fun Happy "insert here" signs I made for Christmas this year with out spoiling my gift to my first reader, my mama!

My mother was BEYOND excited to receive the Happy Birthday sign I made her for Christmas this year... And yes, a birthday sign for Christmas.
After all it is Jesus' birthday, right?

EVERY birthday of my entire life living under my parents roof my Mom would decorate the dining room top to bottom in birthday signs.
Hers were sometimes hand-drawn, recycled front the year before, and that shiny plastic one made it a good 15 years or so before it was retired.

Last year on my Mom's birthday when I went digging in the linen drawers in the dining room, I noticed the "Happy" was no longer connected to the "Birthda" and the "y" was missing...

Bingo! Gift idea!

This year I made one for my Mom, one for BRS' sister since she has twin boys born in January, and I made one for myself. 
These are so simple to make and actually a lot of fun. I got my girlfriends to join along and we experimented with different shaped and sized letters. 

New Years Eve I decided last minute to whip up a "2012" to add to the "Happy" which was such a nice touch to our evening decor!

All you need is:
(I bought 1/2 yds of about 12 colours)
-Hot glue gun
-Sharp scissors

Next girls ski trip to Tahoe I am going to make:
-Duplicate numbers 0-9
-th, rd, nd, & st
-St. Patrick's
-4th of July

You can get creative, add buttons, fun ribbon, glitter if you like!
For the letters, it's best to free hand them, since it's home made any way.

Why not have it up every holiday and special occasion? 
It sets the mood and gets everyone in the spirit!
Plus it's reusable... no throwing it away every year.

Hope you try this, you'll have them forever and can keep adding as the years go by! 

Happy Crafting!

Warning, it can get messy!

Oh and wine helps too!

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