Friday, March 2, 2012

Stylish Men

When I see or think of the two men in my life, the words "stylish" really aren't the first things that come to mind, not in the slightest.
But stylish in their own ways, yes.
As my Godfather, my Uncle Bob would say, "Stylin' and profile'n"
They live their dreams...

As for BRS and my Dad, RMB...
They are both practical and sensible, hate my Mom and I poking a prying at their stray hairs, and cringe when "Nordstrom Run" comes up in conversation.
But if you opened their closet doors, pulled open the creaky walnut chests, the smell of cedar and cashmere are what you would smell. 
Quality over quantity.
Dad's been wearing Top Sider's since forever, old ones always became honey-do-list shoes.
His 501's have never changed.
His wool fisherman's sweater is timeless.
BRS' has been wearing suede saddle-like shoes so long they've wore through, he won't replace them.
His cashmere Pringle's come in every colour.
And the man never hesitates to throw on his wool caps like my Dad.

Most amazing thing ever?
Not sure you noticed but they're darned alike...
That saying about you marry someone like your father seems pretty spot on.
My Father, and my Pea are the kindest men I know, they're hard-working, loyal and loving.
And they're stylish in their own ways.
Yes, you heard it.
They're stylish.
My Dad taught me to hunt, to love, to fish, to build a bench.
BRS has taught me to dance, to love, to listen and to spot a bad guy (haha).

I love them so much!

Have a terrific Friday and a happy weekend!


Daddy and I, my graduation 2008
(Dad in: Tommy Bahama Shirt, Dockers khakis)

My BRS in Dana Point, California
(BRS in: J.Crew khakis, J.Crew cotton sweater and Bucks, similar to - HERE)

Shirt - L.L. Bean
Jeans - 501 Levi's 
Shoes - Top-Siders at Sperry
Glasses - Maui Jim at Nordstrom

Shirt - L.L. Bean

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