Sunday, April 15, 2012

V is for...

With this one exception, V is not for Victoria... 
V is for Von Trapp!
I bought myself a little something for my birthday...

Available - HERE

This awesome book and...
On DVD - I'm moving up in the world!
My double tape VHS is still holding strong but we got rid of our tape player fianlly, I was so bummed last time I needed a cheer up sesh

Available - HERE

The Sound of Music is one of my all time favorite movies, even BRS has been subjected to this a number of times
And shhh, he doesn't mind it!
It instantly brings my mood up
When I was little my American Girl dolls were named Brigitta, Marta, Gretl and Louisa. 
I always played Liesl as I was the oldest of course - we sipped tea and watched the tape for endless hours

 I saw the musical at our local theatre when I was about seven and will NEVER forget it.
We had aisle seats and during the part where the soldiers search the convent, they had Nazi soldiers run up and down the aisles with flashlights
Let's say, I didn't sleep well for days!
It was quite the production!

The gold frame fell victim of my gold paint extravaganza on Easter...
Speaking of which, the naughty Logan managed to get a hold of the eggs, so they are, let's say... vintage now.
Must be the egg scent? GROSS
This print hangs on my closet wall, the V print I picked up in this adorable print shop in Firenze

Since BRS works midnights and it's been rainy, I may have to have a marathon movie night weekend soon, with all of the faves:
-The Sound of Music
-Sabrina (old)
-Sabrina (new)
-Father of the Bride
-Mary Poppins
-Troubled with Angels
-My Fair Lady
-The Parent Trap
-Roman Holiday

Clearly I had a thing for Hayley Mills or my Mother had a thing for movies with attractive men as the leads...

So long, farewell!

Image - HERE

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