Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Preppy Pup

It seems like my pea pod pups (corny, I know!) are the center of my world at times
I'm not ashamed of it, they bring so much joy into my life and are always the first to show me love every morning
I am not a crazy cat lady, I am just a proud dog owner - okay, hair stuck to my clothes maybe
But... I love them, as noted HERE

I just adore these key fobs from Smather's and Branson
 Available - HERE
Available - HERE

How cute would this be on my front porch?

A dignified Loagn ornament for my tree
Available - HERE

I would love a pair of these for my wall!
It's too bad there are no Foxhounds
Available - HERE

I HAVE to have this needlepoint pillow, it even looks like my girl!
Available - HERE

And this!

Available - HERE

Logan's collar, little guy below:
Available - HERE
Shelby's collar, see the lady below:
Available - HERE

Dad received this extra special gift from my Mother for Christmas two years ago, of our lovely Madeleine Rose (Maddie) in an amazing hunting scene
Oil on Canvas

No sense in being embarrassed to show your affection and pride for your pups, right?
After all, there are many options in decor that do not scream tacky

Show them off, they are your loves after all!


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