Thursday, November 15, 2012

Throwback Thursday

Prepare yourself for a photo heavy post of some pictures of the hubs and I...
Feeling sentimental today!

Hope you are having a great week!


Brad the Boy Scout and Tori the Fisherman?  
Tori (and Carrie) graduating pre-school and Brad the running back in High School

Tori and family at the annual sand castle contest

Brad and sister, so sweet!

Tori and Jobina, my favorite Cabbage Patch on Easter Sunday, she still sits on my shelf

Tori and Fuzzy in her buck teeth stage and Bradley as cute as can be!

Brad darling as ever and Tori admiring Dad's hunt!

Mom and Victoria day one and Brad and siblings at Church

Dad and Victoria at baptism and Bradley Blue Eyes as sweet as can be!

Tori and Carrie and ethnic Barbie? Brad, brother and Grandpa 

Batman (Brad) and brother Robin then Tori and her rock star legs on Halloween

Tori torturing or playing doctor with sweet Mandy Cat

Brad and sister at the happiest place on Earth
Brad's head shot from trying out for the Mickey Mouse Club and Tori with Mom and Dad

Brad the college rugby player

Tori and her Elizabeth's Halloween in College

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